Church Leadership


The main focus of this group is to promote a Christian education program to nurture the membership (children, youth, young adults and adults) through expanded Christ-centered ministries of Sunday School, Christian Youth Fellowship and Vacation Bible School.  These programs are supported by a strong educational and training program which includes expansion and improvement of the class rooms, curriculum and life-skills activities.



This Board is responsible for keeping accurate records of all finances collected. The committee also oversees disbursements and other transactions.



The organization is responsible for enhancing Christian fellowship and promoting the development of Christian leaders. The Lay Council introduces positive role models, supports activities for young people and encourages community outreach ministries.  Additionally, the organization informs members of the church of their association as “lay" who are essential to the life of the church.



The Missionary Society strives to implement the mission and unity of the church in Jesus Christ. Carrying on the work of the Lord assures that the mission and unity is known at home and abroad.


The Recording Steward maintains and provides written financial records.



The Steward Board is in responsible for managing all finances of the church.  This board also checks on those who are sick and shut-in and keeps the pastor and the congregation informed.



This group prepares communion and assists the pastor in serving it to the congregation and to the sick and shut-in.  They help the pastor in ministering to the needy.  Stewardess Board also collects offerings and performs other duties in conjunction with the Board of Stewards..



The Trustee Board is responsible for all aspects of the church’s property and ensures it is safely and properly maintained. Trustees also report information to the Church Conference as appropriate.

Mt. Olive Ministries


This organization consists of at least two representatives from the congregation that were born in each of the twelve months of the year.  The primary responsibility of the Birthday Club is to keep in touch with members who are not attending church on a regular basis.  They celebrate each birth month with a “Fill a Pew” promotion where guests are invited to worship and fellowship during a worship service of the birth month.  Members from this group prepares a bulletin board that highlight members birthdays.  Additionally, upon the death of a member, the Birthday Club, under the leadership of the chair,  prepares food for and serves the bereaved family.



The Brotherhood ministry is comprised of all male members who are active, visible and committed to their families, their communities, and to one another.  This group seeks to bring goodwill and understanding among the men of Mt. Olive Cathedral through Bible training, seminars, conferences, mentoring and other powerful programs that promote fellowship. A strong emphasis is placed on mentoring and building strong Christian character and a personal relationship with God.



This ministry supports college students of the church by providing annual scholarships and ongoing mentoring to each of the members of the church who are enrolled in a college or university pursuing a bachelor's degree.   Members of the College Student Ministry sends greeting cards and care packages to students throughout the year, and highlight their academic achievements and other accomplishments.   It also focuses on keeping the students close to a church while enrolled in college or university of their choice, and provides support and assistance as needed.  The idea is to keep the students close to a church while they are away and to provide a nurturing environment that will allow them to remain true to their Christian faith.  The overall intent is for the college students to remain as active and supportive members of the church.




The group is committed to providing members and guests polite, courteous and hospitable services during special events at church.  Members serve as hostesses, welcome members and guests, and assist the congregation during various church activities.


This ministry distributes food and clothing to needy families that reside in the downtown Memphis community.  These items are generously donated by the congregation.


This ministry provides assistance to the pastor.



The organization supports the church's youth and young adults in participation in church conference activities. The Progressive Adults provide financial assistance to promote ongoing involvement of youth and young adults in church related activities.



This ministry nurtures and shares the love of God by feeding the physical and spiritual needs of individuals in the downtown community.  More than fifty (50) individuals are feed at the church each week.




Mt. Olive Cathedral is proud of its Seniors Ministry.  There are three groups that work collaboratively to implement a Christ-centered senior’s ministry for two age groups,  the Sassy Seniors and the Youthful Seniors.  Both groups work to plan and implement quality programs and activities for senior members of the church.  These programs  include informational sessions related to issues that are uniquely important to seniors, i.e., retirement, health, government services, and aging.  Both seniors groups plan educational, fun and exciting activities at local offerings and events and take trips that are designed to promote fellowship among the members.   Additionally, both groups create and implement  initiatives that support other church programs, including children and youth and determine other ways that they can support the needs of the church.   The third group, called the Sick-and -Shut-in Ministry ,  supports sick, shut-in and bereaved members.  This group communicates with sick- and shut-in members;  sends birthday and greeting cards; and visits them at home, in the hospitals and in nursing facilities on a regular basis.




This group is responsible for training the youth and young adults and helping them develop into well-rounded Christian adults.